Some yarn, a loom and a future-oriented look

A small workshop, woollen yearns and a new collection of sportswear clothing. This is where it all began. In 1937, in Sant’Agata Bolognese, in the heart of Emilia Romagna, Maria Melega produces her first knitwear creations: those items combined wearability and comfort together with the new concept of sporty elegance.

This is the story of a family with a unique vision that looked further ahead: to offer a tailoring care for details to large-scale productions. Thus the Maglificio was founded. Later inherited by Maria’s sons, Bruno and Alberto Zambelli, for 70 years this knitwear factory has been helping fashion brands that are nationally and internationally famous to produce their items.

Indeed, thanks to Bruno’s hard work and commitment, in 1973 the little workshop becomes a large knitwear factory when the first industrial shed is built in San Matteo della Decima, where our seat is still today.

Great attention to technical innovation has constantly accompanied every step of our industrial story. Since the early ‘50s, the purchase of the first manual knitting machines triggered the industrialization process that has never stopped since then. Increased production has always gone hand-by-hand with the introduction of new technology. First, in 1962 the moving carriage in manual knitting machines was electrified; then in 1973 state-of-the-art Cotton looms were purchased that had been fitted with the technical requirements designed by Bruno Zambelli; later in the ‘90s a dye-works of property, directly connected with the knitting factory, was added for a full control over the production cycle. 

Since the ’70, passion for elegance, the widespread network of collaborators in Emilia and the innovative spinning knowhow have driven us to cooperate with national and international brands all over the world. First Europe and then United States, Russia and Japan. Today we deliver our goods to over 20 countries. Finally our flagship: Heritage Collection, our fashion brand for Made in Italy menswear that dresses with taste and refinement.


A forty-year long history in a single space. A place brimming with interweaving textures, stitches that identify us, colours that single out our production.A story of designs, materials and items as well as persons, ideas and knowledge. The most significant items and accessories of each past collection in the last 40 years are kept in our archives, totalling over 6,000 pieces. 

All our customers can take a full immersion into a variety of styles, creations and production and be inspired. All collected items are the result of important tests to guarantee the finest quality, bound to last over time.

Stitches and patterns are at disposal of style departments to view one of the richest knitwear archives in the world.

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