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The excellence of Made in Italy Knitwear

Maglificio Bruno’s is a company specializing in the production of knitwear for men’s, women’s and kids collections of national and international brands.

We go along with our customer step by step, while answering to all requirements. Our plant has a production capacity up to 2 millions items per year with different yarns, stitches, wefts and patterns. Our staff consists of highly skilled workers, who still possess an ancient know-how while being up-to-date with industry trends and experienced in state-of-the-art technologies. 

Thanks to our experience, our items are produced in perfect harmony with the customer’s needs, and we constantly ensure taste, quality, and reliability at the right price.

An effective control system applies to the entire manufacturing process, from spinning to the distribution of finished products. We have constantly allocated an outstanding share of total investment to the technical aspect to maintain high quality standards and to meet our customers’ requirements. This is the reason why we are present in 20 countries around the world as partners of leading fashion companies.

Experience and Passion

Every item tells that we love what we do. Our daily goal is to emphasise Italian fine quality knitwear and our long experience is a sign of reliability and commitment

Timekeeping and Precision

A feasibility study enables us to constantly respect delivery times and the continuous quality control procedure guarantees that every item is free from defects.

Care for details and refined textures

Refinement and good taste are combined with the best wearability and a pleasing feel. Any detail is essential to fulfil the customers’ wishes.

High-quality materials and environmentally-friendly operation

We carefully choose our yarns that all come from refined certified noble fibres. All phases in the production cycle are eco-friendly to protect our working site and reduce our environmental impact.

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