The work of many for a unique collection

The production of a fashion collection is a complex process, based on a stepwise procedure that we constantly address with all our resources and commitment.

Bruno’s is ready to meet the customer’s needs in all working phases of its collection.

The preparation phase: interaction with the fashion designer and feasibility study

Every fashion designer imagines his collection even before designing it.

We well know and that’s why a constant continued dialogue with the customer and his style department enables us to best understand the characteristics of any items and to create it as desired.

Determination of any detail in advance, from the selected yarns to the most suitable workings, from final delivery times to required costs, enables us to suggest the best technical solutions in order not to deviate from what is desired.

Research and Development: research and usability of yarns and technical design

In our stocks we keep 50 tons of fine yards of different kinds that are produced by the best spinning mills in Italy from fibres from the entire world and are ready to use. Spinning mills are carefully selected also based on ecological features and environmental sustainability.

With the same care we match the right yarns to the desired working and we proceed to finally plan the single items, also considering that we can create all knitting stitches in different gauges (from 3 to 18).

Prototype making: computer-aided weaving planning and prototype manufacturing

This is when the sensibility and creativity of the fashion designer are passed on to the production software: it is the moment of passage from technical design to weaving planning. Our plants are equipped with a complex computer technology and can fine-tune the different techniques in yarn treatment and transmit this information to the single producing machines.

The first production step is the making of the prototype: thanks to our technology we can introduce design variations even directly to the producing equipment. A skilled workshop, using traditional tailoring techniques, assemblies the prototypes by hand.

Production: weaving, embroidery and dyeing

Complex producing machines operate on a continuous cycle under a fully computerized direction: they can use up to 20 different yarns for the same item!

The range of our looms goes from 3 to 18 gauges: Cotton looms, electronic looms, looms to weave necks, bottoms and wrists, jacquard looms using up to 24 colours are part of our equipment.

Skilled masters carry out dyeing of any items, ensuring a perfect steady colouring over time, in line with any fashion trends, with no damage to the nature or to the yarn.

The last steps: sewing, labelling and logistics

In the last production phase, skilled teams take care of sewing, washing, fulling and manual item-per-item finishing that guarantee absolute quality. 

The meticulous care we give to logistics guarantees the customer the highest performances even in this final phase. Following your directions, we directly distribute produced items to all markets, from wholesale to retail shops. We are well aware of the different managing requirements in national and international markets. Therefore, we can offer our customers the advantage of a well-tested reliable dynamic logistics.

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